Chatswood Culture Bites - Pocket Opera

TheMagic Flute

One of the greatest operas ever written, Mozart’s timeless classic leads the search for truth and justice, love and enlightenment.

Be enthralled by the adventures of Prince Tamino and the bird-catcher Papageno on their quest to rescue Princess Pamina. Lost in a foreign land, Tamino is pursued by an enormous dragon, among the many trials and tribulations they must conquer. To assist their mission, they are given musical instruments with magical powers, which they deploy on their path towards a deeper understanding of true love and happiness.

Distinguished baritone Peter Coleman-Wright A0 directs this pocket-sized one hour version of Mozart’s classic - The Magic Flute as part of Willoughby City Council’s Chatswood Culture Bites 2021 program.

The Magic Flute is performed by Pacific Opera and Willoughby Symphony Orchestra.


When: 3rd July 2pm and 7pm

Where: The Concourse, Chatswood



Pamina - Mikayla Tate

Tamino - Daniel Verschuer

Papageno - Nick Geddes

First Lady - Marta Nowicka

Second Lady - Elizabeth Cooper

Third Lady - Rebecca O'Hanlon

Queen of the Night - Ayako Ohtake

Monostatos - Dominic Lui

Papagena - Kirralee Hillier

First Sprite - Melanie Jha

Second Sprite - Laura Wachsmann

Third Sprite - Olivia Morberger

Armed Men - Matthew Avery and Dominic Lui