Many Thanks to Our Friends ...

Join Our Circle of Friends

Pacific Opera's Circle of Friends is an exclusive membership program that connects arts lovers with one another and the artists they support. Your contribution will ensure the development of Australian talent well into the future, and your membership will allow you a front row seat to watch those artists as they grow into their professional careers. 

The Circle of Friends exists in a three-tier structure, allowing for varying levels of commitment and pledges over a three year period.


Maestro ~  A commitment of $10,000 and above per annum for a period of 3 years

Diva  ~  A commitment of $5,000 - $9,999 per annum for a period of 3 years

Impressario  ~  A commitment of $1,000 - $4,999 per annum for a period of 3 years

Your membership to The Circle of Friends with Pacific Opera means we will have sustained and reliable funding to:

  • Responsibly offer and maintain staff contracts and ensure wages can be paid

  • Secure and maintain our programs of developing our future stars

  • Continue the important services that make Pacific Opera an invaluable nurturer of opera in Australia, and 

  • Create the opportunity for our talented young stars; who would otherwise not have the chance.


The Benefits of Being a Member

1. Name/s on website and Programs as a “Circle of Friends” donor

2. Two invitations to major Pacific Opera concerts including welcome and/or post show drinks (if held) (value up to $280)

3. Two complimentary tickets to the annual Chairman’s Dinner & Recital (value $350)

4. Two places to observe 2 master classes, where young artists receive coaching from top artists and directors


Emily and Yvonne Change (2020-2022)



John & Debbie Cooper (2020-2022)

Judge Robyn Tupman (2022-2024)


Wayne Burns & Kean Onn See (2020-2022)

Bruce Caldwell (2019-2021)

Robert Mitchell (2020-2022)

James Kirby and Claire Wives-Plater (2022-2024)

Faris Cosic & Jason Bowran (2022-2024)

Eva Hucker (2022-2024

Douglas and Pamela Bartlett (2022-2024)

Susan Perrin-Kirby (2022-2024)