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Become a Partner

Pacific Opera is an investment in Australia’s creative future. By sponsoring Pacific Opera, you will gain the prestige of association with Opera while supporting Australia’s stars of tomorrow.

  • Favourable media coverage and recognition as a corporate citizen concerned with emerging artists and the arts.

  • Your organisation will gain exposure in a cultural and arts activity that embraces innovation and diversity.

  • Pacific Opera is unique. The scarcity of other independent opera companies means an uncluttered market. 

  • Opera is a lifestyle or interest that appeals to many of your most valued clients and potential customers. Opera audiences receive a high percentage of the highly educated AB demographic. 

  • Opportunities for corporate entertainment and networking.

  • Pacific Opera is a registered cultural and not-for-profit organisation with ITEC, DGR and TCC status.


Being a partner to Pacific Opera means committing to the growth and future of the Australian Operatic landscape and the Young Singers who wish to work in it.


As every business and organisation is unique, so is the opportunities for collaboration within a partnership. We pride ourselves on tailoring our partnerships to individual organisations and creating a relationship that benefits both parties.

For more information contact our Operations Manager, Claudio Tavares on 0468 582 281 or email

Thanks to Our Partners


The Sydney Savage  Club

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