The Magic Flute (2003)

Date: August 30, 31, September 5, 6, 2003

Act I

The Magic Flute flyerAn imaginary world. Three Ladies attendant on the Queen of the Night ìsaveî the fainting Prince Tamino from a monster of their making. They all desire him and compete to stand guard over him but eventually leave together. The birdcatcher Papageno bounces in looking for a place to trap more birds. When Tamino surprises him Papageno untruthfully boasts that he killed the monster. The Ladies return to give Tamino a portrait of the Queen’s daughter, Pamina, whom they say has been captured by the evil Sarastro. They padlock Papageno’s mouth for fibbing. The Queen, appearing in a burst of thunder, laments the loss of her daughter; she tells Tamino to rescue Pamina. The Ladies hand a magic flute to Tamino and a magic box of bells to Papageno to ensure their safety, appointing Three Spirits to guide them. Sarastro’s delinquent creature Monostatos tries to take Pamina for his own but is frightened away by Papageno. Pamina and Papageno become friends and he tells that her that Tamino loves her and intends to save her. Led to the Temple of Sarastro, Tamino is informed by the Speaker that it is the Queen who is evil, not Sarastro. Hearing that Pamina is safe, Tamino plays his flute with joy. Monostatos and his slaves catch Papageno and Pamina but are mesmerised when Papageno plays his magic bells and dance harmlessly away. Sarastro, entering with his priests, promises Pamina eventual freedom and punishes Monostatos. Pamina falls in love at the sight of Tamino, who is led into the temple with Papageno.

Act II

Sarastro tells his priests that Tamino will undergo initiation rites. Sworn to silence, Tamino is impervious to the temptations of the Queen’s Ladies. The Queen of the Night finds Monostatos trying to kiss Pamina and sends him away. She gives her daughter a dagger with which to murder Sarastro. The weeping Pamina is confronted and consoled by Sarastro. Papageno instantly breaks a new oath of fasting and jokes with the flirtatious old lady who brings him a glass of water then vanishes when asked her name. Tamino remains steadfast, breaking Pamina’s heart: she cannot understand his silence. Tamino has only two more trials to complete his initiation. Papageno is eliminated but settles for the old lady, who turns into a beautiful, young Papagena when he promises to be faithful to her. She is then whisked away by the Speaker. After the Spirits save the despairing Pamina from suicide, she finds Tamino and walks with him through the ordeals by fire and water. Papageno who despairs that he canít find his Papagena is also saved from attempted suicide by the Spirits, who remind him to use his magic bells, which summon her. The two plan for a future full of little Papagenos and Papagenas. The Queen of the Night, her Three Ladies and Monostatos try to infiltrate the temple but are banished in thunder and lightning by the forces of good. Sarastro joins Pamina and Tamino as the throng hails Isis and Osiris, the triumph of courage, virtue and wisdom.


  • Tamino – Robert Hofmann
  • First Lady – Penelope Mills
  • Second Lady – Kylie Bailey
  • Third Lady – Helen Sherman
  • Papageno – David Greco
  • The Queen of the Night – Jodie McGuren
  • Monostatos – Craig Curran
  • Pamina – Jane Parkin
  • First Spirit – Susannah Lawergren
  • Second Spirit – Ngaire Kirwan
  • Third Spirit – Zoe Taylor
  • Speaker/Second Armed Man – Greg McLeod
  • Sarastro – Nenad Jakovljevic
  • First Armed Man – Paul McLeod
  • Papagena – Sylvie Renaud-Calmel