23 Sep: MDH Breathing Coordination

A breathing workshop given by Barbara Camille Tanze:

MDH Breathing Coordination is the study of how different structures in our body collaborate for optimal breathing. It reduces excessive tension and restores a healthy balance in our muscles and skeletal system in order to allow for calm and efficient ventilation.

The quality of respiration influences the quality of life and the possibilities of personal performance. Whether we are in good health or not, our manner of breathing is a key to better life.

Joan Sutherland Studio, The Opera Centre, 380 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills

Sunday, 23 September, 2018, 2.00pm (ending 4.00pm)

Barbara Camille Tanze grew up in Germany, the USA and Switzerland, where she studied classical singing and vocal pedagogy at the Conservatoire de Lausanne.

As a singer, she performed main roles in several opera productions around Europe, including Violetta Valery at the Slovenian National Opera. Barbara Camille Tanze has won several prizes as a singer and was a finalist of the international singing competition »Festspielstadt Passau 2011«. She still regularly sings on stages around the world with her group »The Petticoat Girls«, interpreting classical and modern songs embedded into humourous stories.

She has taught classical singing in Switzerland in Slovenia, privately as well as in statal music schools. Barbara Camille Tanze was also a guest professor for diction at the Mozarteum Academy of Music Salzburg, Austria. In 2013, she founded her studio Voice up! in Cerknica, Slovenia and started her education in CCM vocal technique and MDH Breathing Coordination.

In 2016, Barbara was one of the first Level 2 certified MDH Breathing Coordination practitioners in the world. She has been teaching workshops for singers in London, UK (Ultimate Artists), Poland (Wold Voice Teachers Expo) and other European countries and will also be travelling to Sydney (Pacific Opera Company), Adelaide (Adelaide Opera) and Hobart, Tasmania this year. Her other main field of interest besides working with singers is the development of the MDH Breathing Coordination method for athletes performing any kind of sports. Thanks to her expertise in this particular field, she has been invited to work with professional as well as olympic athletes in Slovenia and abroad and regularly collaborates with other coaches and specialists. She has presented her case study about MDH Breathing Coordination for athletes in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California and is currently continuing her research about efficient breathing mechanics.